Rosaline Double Size Bed Cover Set Powder (OST90119)

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Vat included : $229.90

Rosaline Double Size Bedspread Set

  • 1 Piece - Bedspread / 230x250 cm (91"x99")
  • 2 Pcs. - Pillow Case / 50x70 cm (20"x28")

Brand: İyi Geceler İstanbul
Model: Rosaline

Double Size Product Content;
Bedspread / 230x250 cm (91"x99") (1)
Pillow Case / 50x70 cm (20"x28") (2) 

Quality: 100% Cotton

Product Features;
The package content consists of 3 pieces.
The package does not include duvet cover and sheets.
The fabric is 100% cotton and jacquard woven.
The bedspread and pillowcase have ruffle and lace details.
It is dyed in Turkey's best printing and dyeing /> The fabric does not contain any polyester or petroleum-derived threads.
It is sent in the original box.

For Long-Lasting Use;
Use liquid detergent when washing your products.
Wash at a maximum of 30 to 40 degrees.
Turn the product inside out before washing it.
Do not keep the product in the machine after washing.
Dry it by laying.
Iron on warmish.
Do not use bleach.

Wish you to use it in happy days..

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