Our company started its activities in 2001 as a contract planting workshop.Thanks to its experienced team in cotton weaving, it has provided production support, especially cotton weaving and knitting, in many categories, including parcel delivery to exporters in different product groups.In 2005, in addition to such export operations, it started to create its own collection with its unique line and designer team in the home textile sector and gained a rightful place in the Market of Anatolia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia with the brand JİJİJADE in the creaton cotton weaving group..

In the last quarter of 2010, our company continued its investments continuously and diversified itself and its product range in quilts, sleeping sets, four seasons (capitone set), pique. However, in accordance with the increasing market volume and quality policy, it saw the need to increase its capacity and launched its new production facility with a closed area of 2000 m2 in "Bozburun", which is a central point in textiles in Denizli.

It entered 2011 by resolving all investment and infrastructure deficiencies. Our company still prepares parcel delivery creations to many well-known domestic and foreign brands.In addition, ranforce, akfil, satin and micro satin linen and hotel towels have reached the preferred company level with their price, quality and customer-oriented fast service in hotel textiles. As the first investment movement of 2011, istanbul, a world capital that has created the brand "İyi Geceler İstanbul", the city that adorns the dreams of many local and foreign people, has created an Istanbul series by reflecting on the pattern in different compositions and has received the attention and praise it deserves in a short time.

Where it came in 2018; 5000 m2 closed area has improved the quality of product diversity, continues to improve, has become a contract manufacturing company and a strong brand that continues its goals by increasing its market share every day.This acceleration was reinforced by the "2018 Catalog Launch" held in Antalya in March 2018, attended by more than 500 guests at home and abroad.

Orhan Şaşmaz Tekstil, which draws its power from the interest and approach of its valued customers, carries its employees and country to the future with its experience and infrastructure in production.         

Thank You...

OSSO Mağazacılık ve Dış Ticaret LTD. ŞTİ
Chairman of the Board of Management

It is a "ORHAN ŞAŞMAZ TEXTILE" organization..

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