Submission Process;

1 - Preparation Timei: The preparation time of the products ordered from Iyi Geceler Istanbul. Your orders are prepared within the first working day after the bank approval is received. In rare cases, the period may be extended depending on the stock status and if so; you will be informed about the issue. 

2 - Delivery to Cargo: After the preparation period, your order will be delivered to the cargo to be delivered to you. After your orders are prepared, the orders, which are ready until 14:00 (GMT +03: 00), will be delivered to the cargo. Shipments cannot be made on public holidays. The period may be extended depending on the stock availability.

3 - Cargo Tracking Number: The cargo tracking number of the product or products whose preparation phase is finished is sent to the e-mail address you provided while signing up.

4 - Information About Cases That Delay Delivery;

* Distance of the delivery address and the frequency of the visits of the cargo company to the continent may affect overall time that product delivered to addresses, may cause delayed delivery of orders.

* Adverse weather and transportation conditions in the region where the order will be delivered may delay the delivery of the product.

* There is always a certain intensity in the delivery of the cargo during the time periods that coincide with the New Year, holidays and special days. Delivery may be delayed for orders that coincide with these special days.

* You can instantly track all your orders with the tracking number sent to you via the relevant intermediary cargo company.

5 - Weekend and Public Holidays: Orders placed on Sundays and public holidays are processed on the first business day following.

6 - Working Cargo Company: Sürat Kargo, Aras Kargo, "DHL (International Shipments)". 

7 - Information: When your order is shipped, an information mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address that you gave while signing up. 

8 - Order Delivery: Only the buyer who has your delivery address can receive your order. Unless you specify, your order cannot be delivered to someone else.

9 - Change of Address: You should not change the delivery address after creating an order. Otherwise, your order returns to our company first, and then the delivery process for the new address you specify starts from the very beginning.

10 - Countries We Can Send Products: Our products can be sent to all countries at addresses open to shipping.

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