Pure Simple Double Size Pique - Cream (OST91734)

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Vat included : $49.90

Pure Simple Double Size Pique

  • 1 Piece - Pique / 200x220 cm (80"x90")
  • 100% Cotton

Brand: İyi Geceler İstanbul
Model: Pure Simple

Double Size Product Content;
Pique / 200x220 cm (80"x90") (1)

Quality: 100% Cotton

Product Features;
Due to the nature of cotton pique, the fabric may shrink a little after the first wash.
The package content consists of 1 pieces.
The fabric does not contain polyester and any petroleum-derived yarn.
It is dyed in Turkey's best printing and dyeing facilities.

For Long-Lasting Use;
Use liquid detergent when washing your products.
Wash at a maximum of 30 to 40 degrees.
Turn the product inside out before washing it.
For long-lasting color, do not expose to sunlight.
Dry it by laying.
Iron on warmish.
Do not use bleach.

Wish you to use it in happy days..

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