HCW Hera Cotton Viscon Bath Mat 70x120 Grey (OST90915)

Brand : HC&W
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Vat included : $89.90

Pamuk Viscon Bathmat

  • 1 Piece - Bathmat / 70x120 cm (28"x47")
  • Cotton Viscon

Brand: Home Creative & Wedding
Model: Floor

Product Content;
Bathmat / 70x120 cm (28"x47") (1)

Quality: Cotton Viscon

Product Features;
The product has a cotton structure.
The product makes the fabric shine according to the light angle and the environment it is in and changes the atmosphere of the environment.
After the first few washings and drying, hairs may form due to its cotton structure (as in carpet forms), this is a natural process.
The package content consists of 1 pieces.
It is sent in its original packaging.

For Long-Lasting Use;
Note: The product has a cotton structure. Please do not mix it with other polyester products.
It is recommended to go over it with a broom after the first few washings and drying.

Wash by hand or in the washing machine, on the Delicate or Curtain programme, without spinning.
Do not use strong degreaser, detergent, bleach.
During washing, curl the feathers inside and place them in the machine.
Do not wring, fence or fold the product after washing.
After washing, shake the product vigorously.
Dry straight with the feathers facing out and hang them.

Wish you to use it in happy days..

70X120 CM
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