Casual Double Size Blanket - Snowly Damson (OST91563)

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Casual Double Size Blanket

  • 1 Piece - Blanket / 200x220 cm (80"x90")
  • %60 Cotton - %40 Acrylic

Brand: İyi Geceler İstanbul
Model: Casual

Double Size Product Content;
Blanket / 200x220 cm (80"x90") (1)

Quality %60 Cotton - %40 Acrylic

Our Casual blankets, which provide multi-purpose use, accompany your peaceful moments. You can also choose the blanket that will make every corner of your home enjoyable as a housewarming gift for your friends. Good Night Istanbul Casual blankets will be the most useful product in your home with their durable stitches, soft surface and warm form.

Product Features;
There is no shrinkage or flowing problem after washing in fabrics.
The package content consists of 1 pieces.
Due to the cotton structure of the blanket, the first few washes may leave lint, it is a natural situation.
It is dyed in Turkey's best printing and dyeing facilities.
It is sent in PVC packaging.

For Long-Lasting Use;
Use liquid detergent when washing your products.
Wash at a maximum of 30 to 40 degrees.
Do not keep the product in the machine after washing.
Dry it by laying.
Do not use bleach.

Wish you to use it in happy days..

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